Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Irish film box office results

At the beginning of this year there were a considerable number of Irish/Irish-funded films that had yet to be released in the home market. Here is a list of titles that might now be considered a release backlog, some have been screened at Irish festivals.

Some Other Stories
The Wake Wood
The Race
One Hundred Mornings
Occi Versus the World
Love and Savagery
The Investigator
Nothing Personal
A Shine of Rainbows
The Hanged Man

There has been some catching up over the last few months which has removed a few titles from the backlog. Here is a list of Irish films released so far in 2010. I'm publishing this as a precursor to a commentary piece I'm working on about the broader picture which will quote the box office figures I have been able to get for these titles.

Leap Year
Dorothy Mills
Perrier's Bounty
The Fading Light
The Daisy Chain

Note - I'm not including Jim Sheridan's Brothers (which may have earned more than all of the above together) since there's no Irish angle to it.

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