Friday, July 23, 2010

Ripples from afar

Cineuropa reports that production has commenced on Istanbul, an Hungarian, Turkish, Dutch and Irish co-production directed by Ferenc Török.

The film shoots in Istanbul until the beginning of August before shifting location to Budapest for two and half weeks. The leading actors are Johanna ter Steege and Padraic Delaney. Dialogue is principally Hungarian but there will also be English and Turkish spoken.

The film has a total budget of €1.4m and the co-producing companies are Új Budapest Filmstudió and producer László Kántor, with Phanta Vision (Netherlands, producer Petra Goedings); Ripple World Pictures Ltd. (Ireland, producers Dominic Wright, Jacqueline Kerrin) and Kuzey Film (Turkey, producer Serkan Acar).

Lance Hogan who has also worked on Ripple's Lapland Odyssey co-production will score the film while picture grading and sound post will take place at EGG Post Production and Ardmore Studios.

Cineuropa states that Irish funding is from "the Irish Film Board, Section 481, besides Ripple and participation from the post houses." If the IFB has decided to fund the film it has yet to publish that information on their website.

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