Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally...some action?

Shooting crew and construction crew meeting: SIPTU, Liberty Hall. 11am tomorrow, Saturday 24th September.

It is hoped that this will address some of the issues that have arisen on productions this year. Even Indian newspapers have picked up on the unofficial and unreasonable picketing of a Bollywood film shooting in Dublin.


Anonymous said...

Do we really think that this film is going to bring floods of tourism into Ireland from a country were the average
Wage is €4957 per year. This is not about Indian films or the Indian film industry. It is about
The Irish film industry and Irish film crew who have been used and abused for far too long. The arrogance of the producers has finally brought the workers together all that is needed is leadership from the union. If this happens we can begin to have a proper Irish film industry were people are rewarded for producing quality productions. That the Ieish and worldwide viewer can appreciate instead of wading through a scatological sea in order to find something that is worth watching .

irish film portal said...

The underlying point you seem to be making is that no-one has the right to come to this country to make a film. Why otherwise would pickets be placed on the hotel where the cast and HODs are staying?
If you have a point to make about the spending of Section 481 tax incentive money on film production then you need to do the research and prove the point you wish to make. Certainly total transparency is vital but you need to show if and when productions have not been fully compliant with the regulations. And if you have an issue with the regulations themselves then you need to make the case for changes to the regulations.
However, if behind all the negative tactics there is just a grievance that things have changed - far more location shooting, minimal construction, much reduced budgets and crewing levels - then you need to address these changes in a positive way.