Wednesday, March 7, 2012

IFB IT Tender

I hear that the Irish Film Board is requesting tenders for the provision of an online application system which is to come into operation on July 1st.

Online Funding Application System for the Irish Film Board
The IFB receives approximately 800 funding applications per year across various funding schemes. These applications, along with multiple supporting documents and materials are currently received only in hard copies.
The IFB is now seeking a tender for work associated with creating an on-line funding application system that can link seamlessly with the IFB’s website and back end systems.
This tender is for the design, testing and implementation of an on-line application module for the IFB’s existing ICT Project Database system called ProDAT. Preference will be given to solutions based on Open Source software....
...The IFB reserves the right to future code modifications of the final on-line application module.
The IFB will provide detailed workflow analyses and guidance necessary for completion of the project.
It is expected that the applicant will recommend or provide the hosting space for the final on-line application module.
The project will enter its testing phase on the 1st June 2012 and go live by the 1st July 2012.

Full details are here.

[It'll be interesting to see if certain required fields are used as part of the online application system - PPSN, TCC No. and date, nationality, Passport No. etc - both as a way to control for eligibility and to generate research data].

The Board has also just published its annual report and accounts for 2010.

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