Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fleadh Time

The wheel of the calendar has taken another turn and the Galway Film Fleadh is upon us once more. The programme for the 24th edition can be found online here.

There is a huge selection of Irish material, including a timely retrospective of the work of Frank Stapleton. I've done an 'X marks the spot' exercise on the day-by-day schedule (below) and the Irish content seems to form a higher than ever proportion of the programme this year. So much so that audiences wanting to see as many Irish films as possible are faced with some hard choices.

As the Fleadh draws closer to its 25th anniversary it's timely to reflect on the journey - best represented perhaps by the growing distance between the Rowing Club and the Radisson Hotel, or the distance between creativity and the claque - and to wonder if it should be applauded for finding its niche or chastised for losing its way?

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