Thursday, March 27, 2014

Required reading...

Some required reading...

Irish Film and TV Review 2013.

Roddy Flynn, Tony Tracy
The Concrete Manifestations of Emotional Eternity in Brendan Muldowney’s Love Eternal (2013)
Barry Monaghan
Pilgrim Hill (Gerard Barrett 2012)
Laura Canning 
The Last Days on Mars (Ruari Robinson, 2013)
Roddy Flynn
Amber, Screenworks and the production of culture
Dennis Murphy
I wanna destroy the passer by: Nihilism, Narcissism and Authority in Love/Hate Series Four
Angela Nagle
New Voices in Irish Experimental Cinema
Donal Foreman

And separately (but related)...
The dispensation for those foreign 'Artistes' eligible for payment from the new tax credit being brought in next year - Finance (No. 2) Act 2013 -  see Section 25 'Film Withholding Tax'

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