Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shortly in Cork

Interesting selection of new Irish shorts being shown at the Cork Film Festival in a few weeks. They will all compete for the relevant Irish short film awards. Good to see some experienced film-makers represented in the Irish Shorts section.

Irish documentaries being featured in the Documentary Panorama are listed after the shorts.

I note - and this is not a comment on the selection process - that of the 61 titles listed below just 12 have female directors, one of whom has two titles to her name. I wonder if this is a higher or lower ratio (approx. 5 male to 1 female) than the overall male to female ratio among entrants?

Cork Film Festival November 7-14

Irish Short Films - Final Selection
‘Made In Cork’
Becoming Unsticky / Dir. Michael Gurhy
Channel / Dir. Éanna de Buis
Cheaters / Dir. John Horan
Ger O’Halloran’s True Stories / Dir. Rob O’Halloran
Greyhound Track / Dir. Mike Hannon
Heart / Dir. Mark Cogan
Hungry Hickory / Dir. Damian McCarthy
The Influences Of Feminism On Traditional French Cooking / Dir. Christina Utzeri
Kettle/ Dir. Brian Power
Letting Mr. Blue Sky In! / Dir. Daniel O’Connell
Locked Groove / Dir. Michael Daly
Peace Park / Dir. Chris Cullen
Public Office / Dir. Brian Finucane
Silentgirl / Dir. Ryan O’Connel & Reece O’Connell
Two Weeks in Nairobi / Dir. Jackie Boland

Irish Shorts
Admit One / Dir. Steve Woods
Confesssions/ Dir. Donnacha Coffey
Crossword / Dir. Vincent Gallagher
A Diamond Forms Under Pressure / Dir. Paul O’Donoghue
Bleeding Love / Dir. Ged Murray
Dolls House / Dir. Vinny Murphy
Dún Chaoin / Dir. Lanka Haouche Perren
The External World / Dir. David O’Reilly*
Getting Air / Dir. Mark Noonan
Girls / Dir. Maureen O’Connell
Happy Birthday Timmy! / Dir. Johnny Cullen
Hoodie / Dir. Patrick Finnegan
‘I Hate Musicals!’ – The Musical / Dir. Michael Lavelle
The Incredible Shrinking Office / Dir. Stephen Kane
I Shagged Ronaldo! Dir / Rita-Marie Lawlor
Love At The End of the World / Dir. Oonagh Kearney
The Meaning of Lifeguard / Dir. Dylan Cotter
Mister Heaney / A Wee Portrait / Dir. David Quin
Neighbourhood Watch / Dir. Eamon Little
Noreen / Dir. Domhnall Gleeson
Passing / Dir. David Freyne
The Pool / Dir. Thomas Hefferon
Repeat / Dir. Donal Foreman
Return to Roscoff / Dir. Ken Wardrop*
Rianto Twirlers / Dir. Anne Maree Barry
Rickshaw Rick / Dir. Robert Manson
Sin È / Dir. Sean Branigan
S (KIN) / Dir. Luke Daly
Small Change / Dir. Cathy Brady*
This Monkey / Dir. Patrick Jolley
The Trembling Veil Of Bones / Dir. Matthew Talbot-Kelly*
Woodkarne / Dir. Brendan Culleton

Irish Film Board short schemes premiering at the festival
The Christening / Dir. Oonagh Kearney
Crossing Salween / Dir. Brian O’Malley
Pentecost / Dir. Peter McDonald
Shoe / Dir. Nick Kelly

Reality Bites
Blue Rinse / Dir. Matt Leigh
Collaboration Horizontale / Dir. Ciaran Cassidy
Hearing Silence / Dir. Hilary Fennell
Needle Exchange / Dir. Colm Quinn*

*Titles also accepted in the International Shorts Competition

Irish Documentaries
Dreaming The Quiet Man / Dir. Sé Merry Doyle
In Sunshine Or In Shadow / Dir. Andrew Gallimore
Neither Fish Nor Fowl / Dir. Fiona Murphy
The Pipe / Dir. Risteard O’Domhnaill
What We Leave In Our Wake / Dir. Pat Collins
Who Is Dervla Murphy? / Dir. Garret Daly

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