Friday, October 8, 2010

Thoroughly Modern...

An interesting collaboration is taking place between the Irish Film Institute and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. 'The Moderns: Cinema and Ireland' will be a strand in IMMA’s major autumn exhibition 'The Moderns'. I'm sure it won't be quite as reverential as the similarly titled Alan Rudolph film.

A special season of screenings, each with an accompanying discussion, will celebrate the development of Irish Cinema and examine a range of perspectives that deal "not only with work from key Modernist figures such as Samuel Beckett but also issues of national identity, censorship, exhibition and the creation of a fully-fledged Irish film culture."

The Moderns: Cinema and Ireland

21st October 17.50
Samuel Beckett’s Film
(Directed by Alan Schneider)
Followed by a discussion with Dr. Rodney Sharkey

1st November 18.45
Man of Aran
Robert Flaherty
Followed by a discussion with Dr. Harvey O’Brien and Enrique Juncosa, Director of IMMA

8th November 18.30
Battleship Potemkin
Sergei Eisenstein
Followed by a discussion about the role of film societies in Ireland

13th November 12.00
‘First Wave’ Irish Film-making
Screenings and discussions (including Bob Quinn's Caoineadh Art Ui Laoghaire and Thaddeus O'Sullivan's Flanagan).

Tickets are available now for the first two screenings online at
Booking will become available for the second two screenings later in the month.

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