Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dublin Eurimages Seminar

The MEDIA Desk is holding a welcome Eurimages information session at IFI in Dublin on November 29. Eurimages is a pan-European co-production fund subscribed to by the majority of members of the Council of Europe. Registration for the event is at 9.30am and it will start at 10am and end at 11.30am.

Roberto Olla, Director of Eurimages, will discuss the fund and explain the operation of the new application rules being introduced in the new year. The basic information and web addresses are contained in the post I wrote on Nov. 15 (down the page).

The information session will be particularly useful for local producers who wish to apply to the fund with projects they have originated. In recent years very few Irish-originated projects have been backed by Eurimages. See my earlier posts on this issue.

People wishing to attend should contact the MEDIA Desk at as soon as possible.

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