Monday, November 15, 2010

This Year's Corkers...

...or the prize-winning short films from the Cork Film Festival which ended yesterday.

Best International Short
Baby Daniel Mulloy, England
Special Mentions:
The External World, David O’Reilly, Germany/Ireland
The Forest/La Forêt, Lionel Rupp, Switzerland

Cork Short Film Nominee for the European Film Academy Awards
Incident by a Bank Ruben Ostlund, Sweden

Best Irish Short Film
Pentecost Peter McDonald
Special Mention:
Crossing Salween Brian O’Malley
The External World David O’Reilly

Claire Lynch Award for Best First-Time Irish Director
Small Change Cathy Brady
Special Mention:
S(Kin) Luke Daly

Best ‘Made In Cork’ Award
Kettle Brian Power
Special Mentions:
Hungry Hickory Damian McCarthy
Greyhound Track Mike Hannon

Award Of The Festival For Best Short Film
Holding Still Florian Riegel, Germany
Special Mention:
We Will Not Die/On Ne Mourra Pas, Amal Kateb, France/Algeria

Audience Award For Best International Short
Miss Remarkable & Her Career Joanna Rubin Dranger, Ireland/Sweden/Denmark

Audience Award For Best Irish Short
Passing David Freyne

OutLook Award For Best Lesbian/Gay Short
Blokes Marialy Rivas, Chile

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