Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shortly in Cork

Interesting selection of new Irish shorts being shown at the Cork Film Festival in a few weeks. They will all compete for the relevant Irish short film awards. Good to see some experienced film-makers represented in the Irish Shorts section.

Irish documentaries being featured in the Documentary Panorama are listed after the shorts.

I note - and this is not a comment on the selection process - that of the 61 titles listed below just 12 have female directors, one of whom has two titles to her name. I wonder if this is a higher or lower ratio (approx. 5 male to 1 female) than the overall male to female ratio among entrants?

Cork Film Festival November 7-14

Irish Short Films - Final Selection
‘Made In Cork’
Becoming Unsticky / Dir. Michael Gurhy
Channel / Dir. Éanna de Buis
Cheaters / Dir. John Horan
Ger O’Halloran’s True Stories / Dir. Rob O’Halloran
Greyhound Track / Dir. Mike Hannon
Heart / Dir. Mark Cogan
Hungry Hickory / Dir. Damian McCarthy
The Influences Of Feminism On Traditional French Cooking / Dir. Christina Utzeri
Kettle/ Dir. Brian Power
Letting Mr. Blue Sky In! / Dir. Daniel O’Connell
Locked Groove / Dir. Michael Daly
Peace Park / Dir. Chris Cullen
Public Office / Dir. Brian Finucane
Silentgirl / Dir. Ryan O’Connel & Reece O’Connell
Two Weeks in Nairobi / Dir. Jackie Boland

Irish Shorts
Admit One / Dir. Steve Woods
Confesssions/ Dir. Donnacha Coffey
Crossword / Dir. Vincent Gallagher
A Diamond Forms Under Pressure / Dir. Paul O’Donoghue
Bleeding Love / Dir. Ged Murray
Dolls House / Dir. Vinny Murphy
Dún Chaoin / Dir. Lanka Haouche Perren
The External World / Dir. David O’Reilly*
Getting Air / Dir. Mark Noonan
Girls / Dir. Maureen O’Connell
Happy Birthday Timmy! / Dir. Johnny Cullen
Hoodie / Dir. Patrick Finnegan
‘I Hate Musicals!’ – The Musical / Dir. Michael Lavelle
The Incredible Shrinking Office / Dir. Stephen Kane
I Shagged Ronaldo! Dir / Rita-Marie Lawlor
Love At The End of the World / Dir. Oonagh Kearney
The Meaning of Lifeguard / Dir. Dylan Cotter
Mister Heaney / A Wee Portrait / Dir. David Quin
Neighbourhood Watch / Dir. Eamon Little
Noreen / Dir. Domhnall Gleeson
Passing / Dir. David Freyne
The Pool / Dir. Thomas Hefferon
Repeat / Dir. Donal Foreman
Return to Roscoff / Dir. Ken Wardrop*
Rianto Twirlers / Dir. Anne Maree Barry
Rickshaw Rick / Dir. Robert Manson
Sin È / Dir. Sean Branigan
S (KIN) / Dir. Luke Daly
Small Change / Dir. Cathy Brady*
This Monkey / Dir. Patrick Jolley
The Trembling Veil Of Bones / Dir. Matthew Talbot-Kelly*
Woodkarne / Dir. Brendan Culleton

Irish Film Board short schemes premiering at the festival
The Christening / Dir. Oonagh Kearney
Crossing Salween / Dir. Brian O’Malley
Pentecost / Dir. Peter McDonald
Shoe / Dir. Nick Kelly

Reality Bites
Blue Rinse / Dir. Matt Leigh
Collaboration Horizontale / Dir. Ciaran Cassidy
Hearing Silence / Dir. Hilary Fennell
Needle Exchange / Dir. Colm Quinn*

*Titles also accepted in the International Shorts Competition

Irish Documentaries
Dreaming The Quiet Man / Dir. Sé Merry Doyle
In Sunshine Or In Shadow / Dir. Andrew Gallimore
Neither Fish Nor Fowl / Dir. Fiona Murphy
The Pipe / Dir. Risteard O’Domhnaill
What We Leave In Our Wake / Dir. Pat Collins
Who Is Dervla Murphy? / Dir. Garret Daly

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thoroughly Modern...

An interesting collaboration is taking place between the Irish Film Institute and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. 'The Moderns: Cinema and Ireland' will be a strand in IMMA’s major autumn exhibition 'The Moderns'. I'm sure it won't be quite as reverential as the similarly titled Alan Rudolph film.

A special season of screenings, each with an accompanying discussion, will celebrate the development of Irish Cinema and examine a range of perspectives that deal "not only with work from key Modernist figures such as Samuel Beckett but also issues of national identity, censorship, exhibition and the creation of a fully-fledged Irish film culture."

The Moderns: Cinema and Ireland

21st October 17.50
Samuel Beckett’s Film
(Directed by Alan Schneider)
Followed by a discussion with Dr. Rodney Sharkey

1st November 18.45
Man of Aran
Robert Flaherty
Followed by a discussion with Dr. Harvey O’Brien and Enrique Juncosa, Director of IMMA

8th November 18.30
Battleship Potemkin
Sergei Eisenstein
Followed by a discussion about the role of film societies in Ireland

13th November 12.00
‘First Wave’ Irish Film-making
Screenings and discussions (including Bob Quinn's Caoineadh Art Ui Laoghaire and Thaddeus O'Sullivan's Flanagan).

Tickets are available now for the first two screenings online at
Booking will become available for the second two screenings later in the month.