Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Magma - Eumirages

A further twist in the Magma tale took place yesterday when Eurimages announced its latest round of co-production funding.

One of the 16 approved feature projects is Niko - Family Affairs by Jorgen Lerdam (Denmark) & Kari Juusonen (Finland). The animation feature was awarded €600,000. The named co-producers are ANIMAKER OY (FI), ULYSSES GMBH FILM UND FERNSEHPRODUKTION (DE), A.FILM PRODUCTION (DK) and MAGMA PRODUCTIONS (IE). Ulysses and Magma are affiliated companies.

It was the only approved project in this round with an Irish-based co-producer. And it is yet another Eurimages round in which there is no Irish-originated project.

The only Irish originated feature film project that has been approved in recent years is As if I Am Not There, an outcome which runs counter to the generous policy of support and reciprocity being offered to non-Irish European projects by the Irish Film Board and Section 481.

I think you'd have to go back four years or more to find an Irish-originated project that filmed in Ireland that was supported by Eurimages. Or should that be Eumirages?

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Anonymous said...

I have worked in film industry for 20 year and thank god some one is asking these questions well done