Thursday, April 14, 2011

CISAC Dublin 2011

Here follows a release just in concerning the CISAC international directors and writers 'Authors Conference' taking place yesterday and today in Dublin.


As the world of traditional writing and film making collides with the modern age of gadgets, delegates from the film world descend on Dublin for a major international conference

Dublin, 14 April 2011 The Screen Directors Guild of Ireland (SDGI) welcomed a large number of directors and writers from across the globe at a high-profile international conference in the Morrison Hotel, Dublin today. The conference has a particular focus on the issue of authors’ rights as many directors and writers are struggling to have their voices heard amidst the technological clatter and noise.

Irish director and Chairman of SDGI, Ciarán Donnelly, left work on his $20 million TV series “Titanic”, currently filming in Dublin, to welcome these important filmmakers from around the globe who have made some of the most memorable films of the last decade. The conference demonstrated to the international film community that despite a difficult Irish economic climate, and the increasing influence of technology, the Irish film, documentary television and animation sector in Ireland is thriving, and generating significant employment and revenue.

“There is much to celebrate with the amazing success of Irish film and TV recently. Last year was a particularly strong year for Irish film. We punch above our weight time and time again so it comes as no surprise for Irish directors to play such a central role in this international conference. SDGI is a powerful voice for directors in Ireland and now, as the hosts of such a prestigious and influential conference, we can make our presence felt even more strongly internationally,” said Birch Hamilton, Executive Director of SDGI.

She continued, “In the age of gadgets and technological novelty devices the voice and rights of Irish writers and directors are being swept under the carpet. We are here to show that we are a collective voice to be recognised. Nothing evokes passion and emotion like the written word. No gimmick or gizmo can ever be better then the words written by a writer or film made by a director. Smart phones and e-books come and go but the true passion is in the story itself. If content is at the heart of digital culture then it is true that writers and directors are its lifeblood.”

Minister Deenihan said “This conference provides an important platform for writers and directors from across some 35 countries to discuss important global issues relating to the rights of creative authors. It will be an opportunity to share experience and explore issues such as supports to artists, payments for writers and directors, the use of new technologies through to creating a supportive policy environment for artistic endeavour. The economic impact of the creative sector is significant and the arts and innovation are key to rebuilding Ireland’s global reputation and driving recovery.”

This event, the Authors Council of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) took place at the Morrison Hotel in Dublin on the 13th and 14th of April 2011. It is the first time the annual event has been held in Ireland.

Minister of Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht Affairs Jimmy Deenihan, TD, was the keynote speaker and was joined by leading Irish directors such as Darragh O’Connell from Oscar nominated Brownbag Films, Lenny Abrahamson, Oscar nominated filmmaker Juanita Wilson, Shimmy Marcus, award winning Spanish director Imanol Uribe, and Ian Power.

Speaking about the event coming to Dublin, Michael Stubbs Assistant City Manager of Dublin City Council said “We warmly welcome this group of international authors to Dublin. Artists are a critical part of the cultural capital and the economic success of Dublin. Dublin City Council is working very closely with the film industry to support writers and directors making films in Dublin, generating employment and raising the profile of the city internationally."

The event commenced with an evening reception hosted by the Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr Edie Wynne, in the Mansion House on Wednesday April 13th. This gave Irish directors the unique opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the most influential European film directors and writers alive today.

This historic and prestigious event focused on important common concerns for directors and writers such as how we watch films today, how to remunerate directors and writers for their work and the impact this has on the creative process. In light of new technology developments such as Apple Films, Blu-ray and 3D which are significant for the filmmaking community in all its variety, and ultimately for the public, the conference certainly provoked fascinating questions from the diverse audience.


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