Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Funding decisions - April 13

Irish Film Board loan decisions released today - some interesting and familiar titles and names in the list, including Neil Jordan (twice) and John Boorman.

Project Director Writer Production Company Funding Award Development
First Draft Loans
Commonwealth Tom Hall Christian O'Reilly & Tom Hall €16,000
A Crack In Everything Mary Kate O'Flanagan €12,000
Miles To Go Patrick Kenny €12,000

Fiction Development Loans
The Grass Arena Brock Norman Brock Screenworks Limited €12,500
The Last Snows Of Spring David Gleeson Jenny Roche Wide Eye Films €5,500
Shrooms 3D Jure Matjazic Brian O'Neill & Paul Bushe Treasure Entertainment €20,000
Life's A Breeze Lance Daly Lance Daly Fastnet Films €15,000
Dead As Doornails Lance Daly Lance Daly Fastnet Films €20,000
Easy Does It Marian Quinn Marian Quinn Janey Pictures €10,000
Secret Scripture Dearbhla Walsh Johnny Ferguson Ferndale Films €15,000
Love Eternal Brendan Muldowney Brendan Muldowney Fastnet Films €15,000
Skippy Dies Neil Jordan Neil Jordan Octagon Films €50,000
The End Of Sleep John Crowley Mark O'Rowe Parallel Film Productions €30,000
Break Point Nick Kelly Nick Kelly Zanita Productions €16,000

Fiction Feature Films
Bailout Roy Knyrim Denis Bartok & Tom Abrams Fantastic Films Provisional Offer Of Commitment
Sanctuary Norah McGettigan Norah McGettigan & Gabriel Vargas Vasquez Venom Limited €600,000
Broken Dream John Boorman John Boorman & Neil Jordan Merlin Films Provisional Offer Of Commitment
The Shadows Colin Downey Colin Downey EMU Productions €100,000
Grooskill Mark O'Connor Mark O'Connor Vico Films Provisional Offer Of Commitment

Fiction Creative Co-production
Call Girl Mikael Marcimain M. Von Hausswolff Von Baumgarten Newgrange Pictures €25,000
Sean Juliette Sales & Fabien Suarez Juliette Sales & Fabien Suarez Blinder Films Provisional Offer Of Commitment
Flowers Of Desire Simon Staho Peter Biro & Simon Staho Subotica Limited €360,000
The Moth Diaries Mary Harron Mary Harron Samson Films €25,000

The Wordles Owen Stickler Andrew Kavanagh Kavaleer Productions €150,000

A Stranger In A Strange Land Pamela Drynan Subotica Limited €100,000
Nightdancers Emille Dineen Still Films €85,000
The Cause Of Progress Chris Kelly Zanzibar Films Provisional Offer Of Commitment
Get The Picture Cathy Pearson Ferndale Films €15,000
The Last Hijack Femke Wolting & Tommy Pallota Femke Wolting & Tommy Pallota Still Films €280,000

Completion Fund
Hammer To Bell Christina Grangos Three Legged Dog Films €10,000

Print Provision
Snap Carmel Winters Carmel Winters Samson Films €6,450
Crossing Salween Brian O'Malley Brian O'Malley Rad Rage Films €3,942
Noreen Domhnall Gleeson Domhnall Gleeson El Zorrero Films €465
Pentecost Peter McDonald Peter McDonald EMU Productions €400
Switch Thomas Heffron Thomas Heffron Warrior Films €465
The Crush Michael Creagh Michael Creagh Purdy Pictures €665.50
Shoe Nick Kelly Nick Kelly Zanita Productions €735

Marketing Support
Snap Carmel Winters Carmel Winters Eclipse Distribution €9,780
The Runway Ian Power Ian Power Element Distribution €75,000

Direct Distribution
One Hundred Mornings Conor Horgan Conor Horgan Blinder Films €15,000

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