Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Classic night out

One of the really interesting aspects of film exhibition that has taken a noticeable turn for the better over the last two years is the growth of specialist or interest group screening nights in diverse venues, mostly in our cities but also around the country.

Shorts, classics, genre titles, undergound and avant garde, experimental, local - small groups of people are gathering to watch and discuss films in a revival of the essentially social quality of cinema. It's something of a renaissance in a particular kind of cinema-going and perhaps it provides the basis for some of what will be discussed at the event outlined in my previous post.

The newest club screening night is the Anti Room Film Club organised by the group of bloggers at the Anti Room prompted by member Megan McGurk who brings a keen, feminist outlook to her film watching.

Every month, we’ll knock heads, select a classic film and invite you all to watch it with us over a drink (sadly, the Anti Room kitty doesn’t extend to buying you all booze, but there may be some treats and prizes). The films will include classics, cult hits, new and old movies, some female-focused, some not. Afterwards, we hope to meet lots of you and have a chat about the film.

Our first film is 1953′s Mogambo, starring Ava Gardner, Clark Gable, Grace Kelly and directed by John Ford. The screenplay was written by John Lee Mahin, based on a play by Wilson Collison. For more background on the film, read Megan’s recent post about it.

The Anti Room Film Club.
Wednesday, July 6th at The Workman’s Club, Wellington Quay, Dublin 2
7.30pm doors open for lights down at 8pm sharp.

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