Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You Make the Movies

Fresh press release just in about the 'You Make the Movies' campaign that I mentioned in a post on June 3rd.

Thank YOU For Making The Movies!!!
A pro copyright campaign

The Irish Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness would like to say a huge ‘Go raibh mile maith agat’ to the Irish public, who support the film industry and enable great films to be made. In support of the industry and in acknowledgement of the vital contribution of the Irish public, the Trust are launching You Make The Movies, a pro copyright campaign. Copyright issues are one of the most challenging issues for the movie industry today.

Actress and author Amy Huberman is in full support of the campaign, “Illegal downloads and piracy are killing the film industry. If you love the cinema, keep supporting the real industry and pay for the movies that you want to see. Pirated DVD's contribute to criminal cartels involved in pornography, drug dealing and people trafficking and illegal downloads will simply reduce the number of good films it will be possible to make and for you to see as they take money directly from the film makers' pockets. Help us to protect film making in Ireland so we can all enjoy the films we want to see!"

The You Make The Movies campaign, with a media value in excess of €500k, will be rolled out across outdoor, print and online platforms in an initiative to protect the creative rights and livelihoods of those people working in the Irish film industry. The campaign will include trailers paying homage to some of the most famous film moments in cinema history:
Lord of the Rings, The Life of Brian, Sixth Sense, Jerry Maguire, and Jaws. These trailers, directed by Steve Bendelack (League of Gentleman, Little Britain), all feature the line You Make The Movies in acknowledgement of the vital role the public plays in ensuring the continued success of the film and entertainment industry.

Trish Long, Vice President and General Manager of Disney Ireland comments “The campaign is unique in that it involves various sectors of the industry working together to recognise the importance of protecting creative ideas & in helping secure the livelihoods of approx 18,000 people who work in the film & entertainment industry throughout Ireland. We hope that movie & entertainment lovers nationwide will enjoy the campaign & take to heart the message, of which we are absolutely convinced, which is very simply: YOU Make The Movies.

With talent like Michael Fassbender, Neil Jordan, Saoirse Ronan, Colin Farrell and Jim Sheridan renowned on the world stage, the support by the Irish public of the 18,000 people who work in the Irish film industry [incl. exhibition] has a crucial impact, enabling Irish stories and talent to be brought to a global audience.

“The initiative highlights the importance of intellectual property rights in also sustaining the wider Irish film and gaming industry which has a turnover in excess of €700 million” says Tom Byrne, Country Manager-Ireland, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. “The home entertainment side of the business is a key contributor to the total revenue of a film and it directly employs over 2000 people in retail stores around Ireland. We are greatly encouraged by the positive message of this campaign and believe that the Irish public will respond equally positively to that message and think more carefully about the consequences of purchasing illegal content.”

Mark Doherty of The Independent Cinema Association of Ireland, heartily agrees speaking at grass root level. “Your local cinema has been an integral part of the community in Ireland for generations; it employs over eighteen thousand people from Malin Head to Mizen Head. From Dublin Bay to Galway Bay, young and old, from the usher who takes your ticket to the projectionist up in the booth. We all depend on you! Every time you buy a cinema ticket you help to keep our industry alive. Thank You.”

The Irish Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness campaign would like to thank the following for their support: Carlton Screen Advertising, Delta Display, Bravo Outdoor Advertising, Clear Channel, Creative partnership.

The Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness was set up in 2004 to help promote copyright and inform movie and television fans everywhere of its vital importance. Funded by more than thirty member companies, ranging from film studios to retailers, together the Industry Trust is spreading the word about the positive role copyright plays in protecting creative ideas.

To view the ads and video clips, and for more information on the campaign, check out


Irish Director said...

"These trailers, directed by Steve Bendelack (League of Gentleman, Little Britain), all feature the line You Make The Movies in acknowledgement of the vital role the public plays in ensuring the continued success of the film and entertainment industry."

We make the movies. Within reason, of course.

irish film portal said...

Ha! :)

Bear with me as I venture beyond the confines of the press release... the VAT take on cinema tickets alone amounts to €14,273,127.75 (trust me) which approximates the amount the IFB gives out in production and development loans each year. Ergo We make the movies.

Note: 'We' may include directors!

irish film portal said...

ps That's an odd url you have there, Irish Director. You could have used the SDGI url.
Oh, and have you any thoughts on why an Irish director was not commissioned to direct the trailers for this campaign?

Irish Director said...

None whatsoever, just noting the irony.