Friday, December 7, 2012

Film Board capital funding, 2013

In looking for the total allocation for 2013 (capital + current funding) for the IFB I missed the table setting out the Department's capital provision for the year ahead.

The amount estimated for the IFB for next year is €11.898m, down from €13.150m this year. That's a reduction of approximately 10% in funding for development, production, short film schemes and training.

An additional €500,000 in capital is expected to come from recoupment but this is an educated guess rather than definitive. The same amount was expected in 2012 but the amount given as the outturn for the year is actually €370,000. This represents one year's recoupment on some €200m of funding.

The budget allocation for current spending in 2013 may not have been published yet but I believe that the agency's staffing changes and cuts will probably accommodate any reduction on the €2.54m made available in 2012. However, there is a danger that as the capital provision comes down the current budget may begin to appear disproportionate - a widespread issue across the public service as programmes are cut and administration begins to look top heavy.

There has been a 41%  decrease in the IFB's capital funding since 2008:
2013 €11.89million
2012 €13.15million
2011 €16.00million
2010 €16.50million
2009 €18.81million
2008 €20.00million

Note: there may have been additonal supplementary capital made available in 2008 and 2009, possibly allocated under the 'International Production' heading.

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NCFA have done a good breakdown of changes to the arts sector.