Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A serious question about 3D

This post is different to others on this blog. Although it does relate to a cinema-going experience in Ireland it might have occurred anywhere in the world.

I say might because I am writing about an incident which took place in 2011, in Ireland, which may, repeat, may be connected to the cinema visit that immediately preceded it.

In short, some 30 minutes after attending a public screening of a mainstream film in 3D the person with whom I watched the film experienced a full-blown seizure. This person had never previously experienced a seizure.

I have waited more than a year to write about it in order that other possible causes or correlative factors could be ruled out. This person has not experienced a seizure since, nor have they gone to a 3D screening in the intervening period.

On being brought immediately by ambulance to hospital, with the usual A&E examination, bloodwork and tests being done, no immediate cause was found for the seizure. On subsequent consultant referral and MRI scanning no underlying cause was found for the seizure. The cause of the seizure is, as yet, unexplained.

I will add, in case it's relevant, that the person ordinarily wears glasses with strong corrective lenses. The 3D glasses supplied at the screening were manufactured by Omnex Pro Film Ltd.

Since the connection between the seizure and the screening remains unproven I am not going to name either the film or the cinema - although that might serve to clarify the particular 3D process(es) experienced at the time.

So, to the question... Is there any evidence linking abnormal brain activity, up to and including seizure, with 3D cinema viewing, in even a tiny number of instances?

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