Wednesday, January 26, 2011

JDIFF - Irish Programme

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival launched last night. Aside from the almost overwhelming bounty of cinema from around the world there is a particularly strong Irish programme.

The Irish programme is notable for a collection of authored feature documentaries the quality of which we may not have seen gathered together before at one festival; and for the work of two new feature directors, Carmel Winters and Juanita Wilson, which may presage greater things to come.

The feature documentaries include -
Tim Robinson: Connemara / An Ear To The Earth an exploration of the work of the writer and cartographer, directed by Pat Collins.

The Door Ajar about Antonin Artaud's 1937 Irish interlude, directed by Paddy Jolley.

Living Colour about an artists' studio, directed by Eamon Little.

Build Something Modern about Irish architecture in missionary Africa, directed by Paul Rowley & Nicky Gogan.

Men Of Arlington about a London hostel housing forgotten Irishmen, directed by Enda Hughes.

Barbaric Genius Paul Duane's feature version of his documentary about John Healy

Good Cake, Bad Cake: The Story of LiR Shimmy Marcus's film about the career of Dublin band, LiR.

For animation enthusiasts there is a double bill of
Miss Remarkable And Her Career / The External World

The Festival also has a programme of Irish Films From Elsewhere, showing four of the films made with Irish Film Board funding that were filmed outside Ireland by non-Irish film-makers.

The films and the reciprocal funding policy that underpinned them will be the subject of a panel discussion with former IFB CEO Simon Perry and the producers of all the films – details to be made available on February 4th.

The films being shown are:

Essential Killing
Sat 19 Feb / Screen 1 / 8.40pm
Director: Jerzy Skolimowski

Circus Fantasticus
Sun 20 Feb / Cineworld 11 / 6.30pm
Director: Janez Burger

Mon 21 feb / Cineworld 11 / 6.30pm
Director: Ferenc Török

Lapland Odyssey(Napapiirin Sankarit)
Tues 22 Feb / Cineworld 11 / 6.30pm
Director: Dome Karukoski
[If I'm not mistaken this comedy has been a huge hit in Finland. Thanks to an anonymous commenter for confirmation here, and the film is still on release)


Anonymous said...

Lapland Odyssey has indeed topped the Finnish box office charts for 2010, and is still on release, apparently.

irish film portal said...

Thanks for the confirmation, I'll add that link to the post.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Ballymun Lullaby!

irish film portal said...

Ok, although I did write 'include' to indicate there are more than I've mentioned! Another would be Brendan Culleton's film about Ireland's UN presence in the Congo in the 1960s.