Monday, January 10, 2011

Room at the top

Since we have yet to hear confirmation of an appointment of a new CEO by the Irish Film Board we'll have to presume that it does not have a CEO at present, given that Simon Perry's contract ended on December 31st. It may be safely assumed that the Deputy CEO, in the parlance of the Irish civil service, is 'acting, up' in the interim.

Meanwhile, it may have escaped folks' notice that the Department of Tourism, Culture & Sport has been looking for a new Secretary General (head of the Department) since December 17. The deadline for applications is later this week, January 13, and the position is open to candidates from outside the civil and public service. That said, it is most likely to go to an internal candidate.

The job specification makes for interesting reading and, given that there's likely to be a new Minister at the helm in a matter of weeks, we are entering a period during which policies for culture and film may be reinvigorated by fresh blood at the helm.

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