Friday, February 18, 2011

Arts Council Projects - film

This isn't news in the strict meaning of the word but I haven't come across any reference to these projects since the Arts Council announced their funding back in December under the project awards scheme.

Ciotóg [Arts participation, Dublin, €40,000]
A collaborative site-specific dance film involving older dancers from the Macushla Dance Club with choreographer Ríonach Ní Néill, professional dancers from Ciotóg, and film-artist, Joe Lee. It will be launched in May 2011 and will screen nationwide during the Bealtaine Festival. Macushla dancers and lead artists will give dance workshops and talks to active retirement groups in selected venues.

Untitled [Film, Dublin, €26,500]
Two short non-narrative films by Lanka Haouche Perren exploring the work and methods of artists, Clare Langan and Gary Coyle.

Untitled [Film, Dublin, €40,000]
An experimental film by Clare Langan featuring the Atlantean imagery of an abandoned contemporary, yet un-named city.

Untitled [Film, Offaly, €32,400]
An experimental film by Nicky Larkin examining the 'shades of grey' in ordinary life in Israel and Palestine.

Untitled [Film, Cork, €5,940]
A short non-narrative film by Doireann O'Malley featuring the ignition and burning of a Gilbert piano.

The Script [Visual arts, Leitrim, €26,000]
A series of short films by Grace Weir, showing the artist making words, relevant to the filmed activity or making reference to filmic terms. To produce new work for shows at Morono Kiang Gallery, LA and Kunstverein Ludwigsburg, Germany in 2011.


{dd} said...

some things take time...

irish film portal said...

Your comment is a little cryptic - I certainly wouldn't expect these projects to be finished for several months to a year after the funding was offered. In saying that I hadn't seen any reference to the awards since they had been announced I meant that I hadn't seen these awards reported elsewhere.

Anonymous said...
"Forty Shades of Grey" by Nicky Larkin, which is being premiered in May 2012