Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More light on Solas?

An anonymous commenter has added their two cents to my recent post about the Solas cinema project in Galway. Building work stalled early last Summer having commenced in September 2009. The project was to have been completed by August 2010.

S/he says, One thing that does not appear to be public knowledge is that this project appears to be legally structured as a subsidiary undertaking of the Irish Film Institute / IFI.
The Memorandum of Association of Solas - Galway Picture Palace Teoranta was Amended on June 6th 2008 and lodged with the Companies Registration Office / CRO on September 10th 2008.
This Amended Memorandum is essentially that of the Irish Film Institute, with the IFI and its premises in Dublin referred to in several Articles, and with additional clauses relating to Solas (deemed to be Subsidiary Objects) inserted after Article 9.
Why this apparent connection has not been divulged or publicised is curious.

There may be nothing to this, if the facts are as stated.

The IFI's Memo & Articles may have been borrowed to update preliminary documentation that had been filed by Solas, but perhaps references to the IFI were not taken out? Ok, that does seem unlikely.

A more likely possibility might be that because of the size and financial scope of the Solas project it needed to be 'sheltered' by an established body with significant turnover. And it may be relevant that the IFI already has a subsidiary company based in Galway which operates the Cinemobile.

That said, Solas is being established by four long-standing Galway organisations - the Galway Film Society, Galway Film Fleadh, Galway Film Centre and Galway Arts Centre. One would have imagined that between them they have the experience and wherewithal to see the project to completion.

If it is being established as a subsidiary of the IFI then that might sugggest that Solas has become IFI-West rather than an independent cinema in its own right, run by and for the people of Galway. And that perception might explain the lack of information about the IFI connection, if it does in fact exist.

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