Thursday, February 17, 2011

Four Seconds (may contain spoilers)

All Good Children the UK/France/Ireland co-production shown at Cannes last year and briefly released in Dublin on December 27th is to be released on DVD on March 4th.

The cinema release was classified '15A' while the DVD release is classified '15', illustrating the sometimes subtle difference between releases of the same title on the different platforms. It's indicative of the classifiers' view that cinema-going is more controlled than the home rental market.

Curiously, while the cinema release classification was somewhat more lenient, All Good Children was said to contain 'moderate' sex/nudity on the big screen. But the DVD version, if that is how we should characterise it, classifies the sex/nudity content as 'none'.

A look at the respective running times confirms that the DVD release is four seconds shorter than the version released in the cinema. Might this mean that four seconds of 'sex/nudity' has been cut from the DVD release of All Good Children in order to avoid the tougher '18' classification? There is no intermediate '16' rating for the DVD market, as exists for cinema releases.

Or perhaps the DVD classifier zoned out and missed those critical four seconds?

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